How to write a good Cover Letter?

Are you applying for a job vacancy? Don’t forget to accompany your CV with a well written cover letter. A well written cover letter increases your chances of a meeting with the recruiter but ensure that your cover letter should not be a replica of your CV.

Here are some tips on writing a good cover letter to be sent along with the CV.

  • Ensure that you don’t have a generic cover letter for all job requirements. It is very necessary to modify it according to the job requirement. If you do not want to take the load of modifying the letter every time you send out a job application, your chances of getting a job also become bleak.
  • Try to find out the recruiters name, if possible and address the cover letter to him/ her otherwise address it to the Hiring Manager.
  • Come straight away to the subject without beating around the bush. The subject of the cover letter should clearly state its purpose. For e.g. Application for the position of Marketing Manager.
  • Give a brief introduction about yourself and the reference to the job notification to which you are responding.
  • In the next paragraph mention how does your candidature fit into the requirements of the notified job opening. May be you can pick up 4-5 important points from the job profile and write about your qualifications opposite to them.
  • End the letter with a courteous note and ask them to feel free to let you know if they need any further information about your candidature.
  • Follow up your application with the concerned person in 10-12 days. This shows your seriousness in the job opening.
Dos and Don’ts of Cover Letter writing

One very important thing which you have to keep in mind while writing your cover letter, if you are addressing it to Dear XYZ, it needs ‘Yours sincerely’ at the end, while if you are addressing it to Dear Sir, it should end with Yours faithfully.
If you ensure that you follow these tips while writing your cover letter, the chances of your CV getting short listed for an interview are quite bright. So, when you want to draft your next cover letter, don’t forget to go through these tips before starting.