Group Discussion

Group Discussion, commonly referred to as GD has become an inseparable part of admission to MBA institutes and campus placements. GD is a many-on-many discussion used to establish certain traits in the candidates. These are the traits that the employers like to see in their employees and institutes like to see in budding MBAs. As we think about appearing in a GD, most of us have queries that revolve around its various stages. This article is an attempt to put your queries to rest and help you succeed in the GD and finally get placed in a good company or join a institute of your choice.The whole article is divided into 4 stages and answers the questions you might have during these stages.

Group Discussion Topics

Dos and Don’ts of participating in Group Discussion
8 things you should NOT do in a Group Discussion
10 things to succeed in Group Discussion
Group Discussion – Preparation tips
Just before Group Discussion
During the Group Discussion
Prerequisites of a Group Discussion