Actuary Resume Sample

An actuary examines all the costs that an insurance company would have to incur. They’re really considered as the most important workers inside the insurance companies. That is because actuaries present a project where costs are minimized, and if not, the project is still solid enough for a company to generate a lot of profit to cover the costs. A good Actuary Resume should emphasize your knowledge about risk management.

In order to become an actuary one must study countless hours before becoming one. That’s why actuaries can earn a substantial amount of money as soon as they are hired. They must have great calculus and business knowledge. Actuaries can work for insurance companies or government agencies. Sometimes, they will have to travel.

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Position as an actuarial analyst for insurance company.


– In-depth knowledge of multivariate calculus; linear algebra; probability; statistics; and
insurance rate-making or reserving.
– Ability to perform rate-making or reserving analysis; explain actuarial analysis to customers.
– Effective oral and written communication.
– Exceptional scores on SOA exams.


Actuarial Analyst, 2005 to Present
Jenson Consulting, Chicago, IL
Extracted and manipulated data to perform quarterly actuarial pricing of various insurance producted. Worked with underwriting claims and IT departments to monitor strategy initiatives and communicate reporting requirements while exploring systems solutions

Actuarial Analyst, 2000 to 2005
Etna Insurace, Bloomington, IN
Developed and provided timely, cost-effective actionable information to support the actuarial functions of product development, pricing, reserving, financial reporting and source of gain/loss. Prepared and tested rate implementation to ensure the profitability and financial integrity of the company’s business.

Statistician, 1998 to 2000
University of California, San Diego, CA
Performed statistical analyses required for two extramurally funded projects concerning mentally ill offenders and consumers of community mental health and drug treatment services. Duties included statistical analyses, coding and derivation of variables, and preparation of reports and presentations


B.A., Economics & Statistics, 1997
University of Texas, Austin, Texas

John Brown

23 Nottingham
Stoddard, Wisconsin 54658
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To advise business owners how to deal with risks in the most efficient manner.


  • Great capacity to analyze a lot of data.
  • Great communication and writing skills.
  • Can transmit simple and complicated ideas.


2005- Present -Casualty Actuary Feder Consulting , WI.
– Helped to redact selective plans for homeowners’ insurance (at least three) which allowed clients to choose the plan that they actually wanted, verified that the claims actually fit under the selected plan, tested diverse methods to oversee the flow of cash, applied business and accounting principles to diverse applications.

2001-2005- Actuary Fps MicroInsurance, WI
– Made sure that insurance costs could be offered to customers with low economic resources, wrote reports where it stated the company’s costs and whether or not it was advisable to enact new plans or discard old ones, and double-verified that the reports included every factor that led to a plausible conclusion.


– University of Wisconsin-Madison
BA in Statistics, 2000.