Financial Advisor Resume Sample

Financial advisors’ main role is to advise customers about any financial activity that they can proceed to or abstain themselves from. They can also help customers to set long term plans such college funding, investment business, mortgage costs, etc. Financial advisors are problem solvers: they secure their clients’ investment and comfort. They must, of course, have a background on finances, statistics, accounting, risk management, etc.

They normally work from nine to five but if needed, they can make appointments on weekends or at any point of the day that isn’t included in their normal work schedule. A Financial Advisor Resume must point out essential facts such as the applicant’s ability to deal with debt. A financial advisor is, at the end, someone who has to earn the trust of their clients.


Shane Oyler
2199 Ahston Terrace
Tucson, AZ 85608
(913) 555 – 8236

Position as financial or investment advisor with a leading investment firm, specializing in the management of large corporate assets.


CFP, 199
NASD 6 & 7


Financial Advisor, 2002 – Present
L.T.D. Consultants, Tuscon, AZ
Managed a six-figure diversified portfolio that has experienced at least 20% annual growth over the course of seven years. Conducted company research and analyzed profiles, identifying a number of startups that have yielded significant returns. Monitored account activity online.

Investment Analyst, 1996 – 2001
Hoover Associates, Portland, OR
Prepared investment analyses for clients, including several with more than $500M in total assets under management. Communicated with sell-side analysts and company management. Assessed economic trends. Selected and monitored investments in bonds, banks, automotives, and biotech.


University of Oregon, Eugene, OR
M.B.A., Finance, June 2001

Uuniversity of California, Los Angeles, CA
B.S., Accounting, June 1995

James Brock

95 Barlow
Millry, Alabama 36558
Home (203) 9944-3442


  • Great communication skills.
  • Strong knowledge about debt management.
  • Can work long hours.
  • Can take initiatives, very determined.
  • Trilingual: English, Spanish, Russian.


2003 to Present -Financial Advisor, Wallington Company, AL.
– Reviewed customers’ financial statements and provided a critical analysis, designated new strategies to help clients redistribute their own money and re-organize their own priorities, identified the most reliable investment transactions and recommended them to the customers for their own benefit.

1999 to 2003- Financial Advisor, Wilson & Porton, AL.
– Analyzed economic trends, attended seminars to recruit potential financial advisors, attended conferences to talk to prospective clients about the importance of financial advisement, and provided advice to customers about every topic that ranged from life insurance to mutual funds.


– University of West Alabama
Bachelor in Accounting, 1999
– Certified Financial Planner (CFP) credential.