Executive Recruiter Resume Sample

Executive recruiters or executive seekers are hired by companies to recruit candidates for specific positions. They look for the candidates, interview them, choose the best and then present them to the hiring company. These candidates must have the skills and experience required by the hiring company. The purpose of the executive recruiter is to do the job on behalf of the company; thus the hiring company would be saving time and resources.

There are two types of executive recruiters, the ones who work for companies and the ones who work by themselves looking for their own clients. The average salary is between US$70,000 and US$55,000 per year; it depends on how much experience they have mentioned on their Executive recruiter Resume and also on how many recruiters get actually hired by the companies.

The demand of this career had decreased due to the crisis but luckily it is recovering pretty fast. In fact, it is increasing faster than other careers.

Jessica Forsythe
902South Antrim Way
Andover, MA 01810
(813) 555 – 8219

Position as Human Resources specialist that will allow me to assist individuals in enhancing their careers and developing their interpersonal skills. Strong communication and presentation skills.


  • Extensive experience in team building and negotiation. Able to motivate and move a group toward a consensus.
  • Proficient with Windows 95/98/2003/NT, Microsoft FrontPage, Mercury Interactive Test Director, PVCS, Visual Interdev, MS-SQL Server Enterprise Manager, Unix (Solaris).

Employment History

Nelson Consultants, Boston, MA
Information Technology Recruiter, 2003 – Present

Located qualified candidates for open positions. Presented job opportunities to qualified IT candidates and negotiated contract terms. Screened potential consultants through in house interviews. Performed reference checks, exit interviews and other background verifications for all candidates. Directed and managed staff of 20 consultants to ensure their satisfaction. Developed sales leads from resumes, referrals and references. Recieved commendation for highest sales/most recruits in 1997 & 2000.

Johnson Exectutive Group, Boston, MA
Executive Consultant, 1999 – 2003

Designed and directed sales and marketing campaigns for daily operations with Fortune500 Companies. Conducted research on existing accounts and potential new accounts. Consulted and advised candidates before, during and after the interview process. Advised clients of final agreements and job offers.


B.A., Business, 1997
Boston University, Boston, MA

Collier Thompson
2301 East Lamar Boulevard Arlington
Home: 817- 325-5469
Email: collier.t@hotmail.com

To develop a career as an executive recruiter to achieve personal goals and to help the company achieve its, by finding the most suitable candidates for their open positions.


  • Analytical person, capable of analyzing people and situations.
  • Excellent interviewing skills.
  • Capable to motivate people and encourage them to look for their personal growth.


  • Human Resources management at St. Norbert College July, 2005.
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology at Argosy University November, 2010.

Work Experience:
1. Executive Recruiter at WESTAFF (E. Lamar Boulevard suite150)
April 2010 – present

  • Develop appropriate interviewing strategies.
  • Direct the interviews and selection process.
  • Select the most appropriate candidates for a job position.
  • Guide and train the new members of the company.

2. Executive Recruiter at Express Personnel Services (3701 South Cooper Street, Suite 233)
June 2006 – March 2010

  • Develop appropriate interviewing strategies.
  • Direct the interviews and the selection process.
  • Select the most appropriate candidates for a job position.
  • To create and administrate two databases, one with the accepted candidates and the other for the rejected ones.

3. Executive Recruiter Best/World Associates (505 W. Abram Street)
April 2005 – April 2006

  • Worked with recruiting manager to understand specific needs.
  • Screened applicants appropriately, conducting preliminary telephone interviews.
  • Pre-select the most appropriate candidates for a job position.
  • Introduce the information about the candidates into the databases.

Other Skills:
Knowledge of and experience with Microsoft Word, Excel, and SQL Server, Microsoft Outlook.