IT Resume Samples

Remember that many IT employers use keyword-matching software so it is most important to pay attention to the keywords you are going to add when creating your resume.

In Information-Technology resumes the description of technical skills has to be very explicit, if possible, make a list of all your computer and technical abilities. Be specific about your areas of expertise as well as your accomplishments, you can add such information as part of your keywords (into bullets).

Other information to include goes from successful projects to personal qualities. Make a good IT cover letter, your application needs a cover letter in which you can explain why you want to work in that company and how you could use your experience in that position to contribute in the development of the company.

Here is a list of resume samples for some specializations on the Information Technology area, with examples of: Computer resume, Developer resume, Technical resume, Programmer resume, and more.

There are also resume examples for IT and Software development professionals. You can check them and have an idea on how to structure your own resume.