Most of the students always look towards commerce stream. Some Student, who gets little good marks, moves towards this stream without taking any decisions. Some students choose this stream with proper guidance and with proper knowledge. Now lets look what this stream can offer you, what are the career possibilities in this stream

Cost and Work Accountants Exam

Indian Merchant Chambers Exam for D.Com

  • Chartered Accountant
  • Actuarial Science#
  • Insurance
  • Company Secretary
  • Securities Analysts, Policy Analyst, CFA
  • ICWAI#
  • Accountant
  • Statistician#
  • Commercial lawyer
  • Bank/branch manager
  • Stock broker, Mortgage broker
    and so much much more!

Commerce is a very popular subject in India these days. Indian economy is growing at a rapid pace and since Services sector constitutes the largest chunk of India’s GDP therefore there are ample career opportunities for Commerce graduates.

One of the most obvious career options available to commerce students is to pursue B.Com and thereafter work as Accountants. Educational background in commerce also gives an edge to the students interested in a career in Insurance and stock market. The more ambitious and brighter ones can opt to become Chartered Accountants, Cost and Work Accountants and Company Secretary. Read for detailed information on nature of work, eligibility requirements, and course content of all the above professional courses

IF you are willing to do MCA from IGNOU, you can also go for that after B.Com. You just have to pass CIC course, which is 6 month course. It will make you eligible doing MCA from IGNOU. After B.Com you can also do MBA in Finance. MBA in finance will make you eligible for various types of good and high post jobs in various companies. You can apply in Banks.