In India, by and large, Insurance was under Government Undertaking till the recent years, but after the opening of Indian Market, now-a-days many of the multinational Insurance companies have come to offer more job opportunities in the insurance sector in India. But still the major Indian Government undertaking Insurance Enterprises namely LIC (Life Insurance Corporation), GIC (General Insurance Corporation) and Postal Life Insurance are always in the top place in recruiting the candidates for the placements by giving secured job to its Competitive Exams. People prefer to serve in these Establishments in large number.

Following are the important Insurance Competitive Exams to enter into the Indian Government Insurance Career:
LIC Assistant/ Stenos/ Typists Examination →
LIC Officers Exam →
LIC Development Officers Exam →
GIC Officers Exam →
GIC Assistants Exam →

Presently in India, the insurance sector is nationalized; Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) and General Insurance Corporation (GIC) along with its four subsidiaries render services. While LIC provides life insurance, GIC is concerned with non life insurance like – motor, marine, fire, health and personal accident insurance. The following is a list of Civil Services examinations leading to various positions in LIC/GIC India

Career Arena of Insurance
In the three major Insurance Companies of Indian Government i.e. Life Insurance, General Insurance and Postal Insurance, following positions are recruited every year basis:

* Officer positions
* Agent positions
* Insurance surveyor positions