Terms of Admission for B. F. A. Degree Courses

Candidates seeking admission to the first year Degree Course in Painting / Sculpture / Metal Work / Textile Design / Interior Decoration / Ceramics:

» Must have passed the Higher Secondary School Certificate Examination State Board or Higher Secondary Education or an Examination of an other University or Board recognised as equivalent.

» Systematically graded courses beginning from the observation of the objective world and leading to a fuller realization of creativity exist in the School.

Website: http://www.doa.org.inNote: Entire admission process is as per rules & regulation By Directorate of Art, M. S. Mumbai for current academic year.For further information regarding MAH-AAC-CAT, another information booklet is available from Directorate of Art, Sir J. J. School of Art Compound, Dr. D. N. Road, Mumbai.Terms of Admission for M. F. A. Degree CoursesA candidate for being eligible for admission to the Master of Fine Arts (Painting) Degree Course must have passed the Bachelor of Fine Arts (Painting) Degree Examination of this University or an examination of another University recognised by University of Mumbai as equivalent thereto:Student who has studied in this institute in the previous year but fails to take admission on or before commencement of the First Term of every academic year will lose his/her claim for the seat and vacancies will be finalised by giving admission on the basis of the applications received in time.Terms of Admission for Diploma Courses Diploma in Sculpture & Modelling:Art Teacher Diploma:Diploma in Art Education:Art Master Certificate Course (Part Time):Merit List for the Admissions for Diploma in Sculpture & Modelling, A. T. D., A. M. Cert. & Dip, A. Ed. will be declared and put on the Notice Board of the institute. No postal correspondence will be entertained.Fees Degree Courses Diploma CoursesDepartment of Sculpture and ModelingDepartment of Art Teacher Training* Other Additional Fees as per Rules & Regulations Hobby Course in Painting Caution MoneyAll students have to pay Rs. 20 as Caution Money while taking fresh admission.Caution Money deposits received from students will lapse to Government if the same are not claimed in prescribed application form – Identity CardsEvery student on entering the College should equip himself/herself with the Identity Card by paying Rs. 5, on which a small size photo of the student should be attached. In case of loss or misplacement of Identity Card, application for duplicate Identity Card should be made immediately. A charge of Rs. 5 will be made for Duplicate Identity Card.In addition to the tuition fees, Rs. 17.50 (per term) for the extra curricular activities will have to be paid by all students except the students of part time courses. The students in the later category shall have to pay Rs. 9 (per term) towards the same. Candidates joining more than one course of study will be required to pay for extra – curricular activities of one course carrying the maximum rate of fees.The student wishing to continue in ther courses should pay the fees immediately after the results are declared. No fees shall be accepted from the continuing students after the 14th June every year.The students will have to produce his/her recent two photographs (size: 3.5 cm X 4 cm), for Identity Card and the Student’s Record Card respectively.All fees are payable in cash only. No cheques or money orders will be accepted.Tuition Fees paid by students at the time of admission to the Institute will be refunded in the following circumstances to the extent indicated below, subject to the condition that a written application for the refund of fees is submitted by the student concerned to the Head of the Institution:1. Fifty percent of the first installment of the term’s fees actually paid will be refunded if a student leaves the institue within a fortnight of his joining the institute.2. The whole of the first installment of fees will be for forfeited to Government if a student leaves the institute after the above period.3. The whole amount of tuition fees actually paid will be refunded to a student who -i) has been admitted provisionally but whose admission is subsequently cancelled.ii) leaves the Institute to join a Degree/Diploma Course in Engineering, Science technology or a similar professional course of study provided that -a) at the time of applying for admission the student intimates in writing that he intends to apply or has actually applied for admission to one or more professional courses of study; andb) makes a written application for refund of fees to the Head of the Institute within a fortnight from the date of his admission to the professional course of study. The application in such cases should be accompanied by a certificate from the Head of professional institution actually joined by the student stating therein the date of his admission to that institution.

  •  The admission to the course will be made purely on the merits of the candidate at the qualifying examination and on the performance of the candidate in Viva-voce to be held by the Dean.
  • Every candidate for the M. F. A. Degree shall have to register as a post-graduate student of the University.
  • The duration of the course for the Degree of Master of Fine Arts (Painting) by papers shall be two academic years.
  • The examination for the Degree of Master of Fine Arts will be held in two parts – Part-I examination at the end of the first year of the course and Part-II examination at the end of the second year of the course.
  • No candidate will be permitted to join the Part-II of the course unless he has previously passed in Part-I examination.
  • No candidate will be permitted to join the Part-II of the course unless he has previously passed in Part-I examination.
  • No candidate will be permitted to appear for Part-I or Part-II examination unless he has fulfilled the requirements laid down by the University regarding attendance, practical work and dissertation. In the relevant Ordinances and Regulations, to the satisfaction of the Dean of the College.
  • A student from another Board/State will be required to produce a certificate of Eligibility from the Registrar, University of Mumbai for the purpose of admission to the M. F. A. Degree Course. Candidates are adviced to obtain the certificate of eligibility.
  • Must have passed Foundation Course conducted by the Directorate of Art, Maharashtra State, Mumbai.
  • Must have passed H. S. C. examination (12th Std.) conducted by the Government of Maharashtra State Board of Higher Secondary Education and Intermediate Drawing Grade Examination conducted by the Directorate of Art, Maharashtra State, Mumbai.
  • Application for the admission should reach the Dean, Sir J. J. School of Art, Mumbai – 400001. within 7 days or given date of admission.
  • Must have passed Diploma/Degree in Drawing & Painting or Sculpture & Modeling or Applied Art.
  • Application for the Diploma/Degree courses along the copies of relevent certificate reffered to the form of application for admission should reach the Dean, Sir J. J. School of Art, Mumbai – 400001. within 7 days from the date of declaration of above Diploma or Degree result of Maharashtra State.
  • Must have passed Art teachers Diploma and minimum 3 years Art teaching experience. They should submit their application through Head Master of School along with attested (true) copies of the proper certificates in given date of Admission Form.

Classes – (Per Term) Rs.

    • Tuition Fees -225.00
    • Identity Card – 5.00
    • Library Fees – 5.00
    • Extra Curricular Activities – 17.50
    • Student Aid Fund – 2.00
    • Locker Rent – 2.00
    • Caution Money Deposit (Refundable) – 10.00
    • University Enrolment Fees – 170.00
    • Subsidiary Subjects Fees (For Painting Only) – 30.00
    • U. C. A. – 6.00
    • A. S. F. – 10.00
    • S. C. A. –10.00
    •  D. M. C. – 10.00
    • Gymkhana Fees – 125.00

Classes – (Per Term) Rs.

  • Elementary Class* – 225.00
  • Intermediate Classs* – 225.00
  • Advanced Class* – 225.00
  • Diploma Class* – 225.00

Classes – (Per Term) Rs.

  • Art Teacher Diploma (A. T. D.)* – 225.00
  • Diploma in Art Education (Dip. A. Ed.)* – 225.00
  • Art Master Certificate Course (Part Time)* – 340.00
  • Hobby Classes in Modeling (Evening)* – 150.00
  • Duration – 7 Months
  • Timing – 6.30 P. M. (Twice a Week) (Aug to Feb)
  • Fees – Rs. 3500/-

Within one complete account year after the student actually leaves the Institute. or Within one complete account year after the date of successful completion of the course; which is earlier