IIT JEE advanced tips and tricks and syllabus

As JEE-Advanced is approaching so everyone should act & study smartly here are some tips & tricks students should follow for the JEE-Advanced.

  • Initially find the topics in which you are good and can score well
  • Then find the topics which have approx. more weightage
  • Prepare a study schedule focusing on important subjects as well as your weak areas
  • Study from your Class XI and Class XII books/notes (NCERT) as syllabus comes from 45% of Class XI course and 55% of Class XII course
  • Practice assertive type questions in addition to multiple choice to help clear basic concepts
  • choose  few books  to clear concepts but a they should have the wide variety of  question/answers.it’s best to focus on NCERT for concepts and use previous year question banks and sample papers.
  • Complete the entire syllabus.
  • Work hard on each of the three subjects so you are able to score in all three areas.
  • Devote equal time to each subject (Physics, Chemistry, Maths) every day so you do not get out of touch with any subject
  • Numerical questions form a large amount of the question paper so increase your speed in solving such questions
  • Revise solved examples
  • Practice as many previous year/sample papers as possible, it will help identify trends in questions, highlight your weak areas and increase your speed
  • Speed is very important in completing competitive exams so practice exam papers with a strict timer so as to  increase your speed and accuracy.
  • Use these last 20 days before the exam(after the Mains result ) to focus on revision
  • Read the questions thoroughly
  • If you have any doubts in answering then skip it to prevent negative marking you should be very careful regarding the negative marking so take more and more mock tests to increase accuracy.
  • Continue practicing sample papers/previous year papers.
  • Create separate quick revision notes for each subject. Your quick revision notes should contain important formulae, important concepts and points you feel you are likely to forget. Go through the quick revision notes as often as possible.
  • Try to study a few topics from each subject each day, for example 2 topics each from Maths, Physics and Chemistry. This helps your mind prepare for answering questions from all three subjects.
  • Focus on understanding basic concepts.

Don’t get panic as the rank of JEE-Mains is valid for one more year so you don’t have to give the JEE-Main again. You will have to give the JEE-Advanced again only.


Mathematics: Quadratic Equations and Expressions, Complex Numbers, Probability, Vectors and 3D Geometry, Matrices in Algebra; Circle, Parabola, Hyperbola in Coordinate Geometry; Functions, Limits, Continuity and Differentiability, Application of Derivatives, Definite Integral in Calculus.

Physics: Mechanics, Fluids, Heat and Thermodynamics, Waves and Sound, Capacitors & Electrostatics, Magnetics, Electromagnetic Induction, Optics and Modern Physics.

Chemistry: Qualitative Analysis, Coordination Chemistry & Chemical Bonding in Inorganic Chemistry, Electrochemistry, Thermodynamics, Chemical Equilibrium in Physical Chemistry and Organic Chemistry.

for more details:-

visit the official site of JEE-advanced — http://jeeadv.iitd.ac.in/


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