Interview Tips

Before Interview

  1. Introspect yourself and find out major strength and weakness, it is better to take the help of SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threats) analysis.
      1. Go through the details of the employer like: market position, size, turnover, products specifications, and the latest news of employer in media.
      2. Prepare yourself to solve puzzles which can be asked in the interview. Some recommended books are Shakuntala Devi’s puzzles George W. Summer’s brain teasers etc.
      3. Collect the job specifications like: roles and responsibility under specific job, salary and compensation offered etc. It’s good idea to keep some smart queries to be asked to the interviewer at the end of the interview such as, why is this company recently merged a company ‘X’ while there is one more company ‘y’ with same profile?
      4. If you have any relative/ alumni in that company than try to consult with them about the company culture and take their necessary advices prior facing the interview.
      5. Write down the challenges that attract you towards that job. Strive hard to correlate your strengths with those challenges.
      6. Build up confidence: That’s the key to success; otherwise all your preparation will be wasteful. Read famous books like “You Can Win” before interview. This helps you know about success, goal of life, attitude etc.
      7. If you have any break during your academic pursuance, than you should prepare a genuine answer to it.
        You should be ready to have the queries based upon your resume like: about your project, achievements, hobbies etc.
      8. Be ready with some proven examples of your skills, e.g., where you worked in a team, resolved a conflict, solved a big problem, led a group, organized some events etc.

During Interview

    There is a common saying that interviewers’ minds are made up within the first 5 minutes of an interview. Thus, here are some guidelines to be followed during interview:
      1. Be punctual: Arrive before scheduled time and wait for your turn
      2. Confidence is the key: stay relaxed and calm while entering in the interview room and interacting with interviewers; remember, don’t be over confident.
      3. Be optimistic: behave optimistically in the interview don’t talk about any negative activity.
      4. Shake hand properly: When introduced to the interviewer, have a firm, but not painful, handshake with a pleasant smile. Repeat the same actions after completing interview too.
      5. Eye contact: make eye contacts when you talk with interviewer, don’t look at other places.
      6. Posture: Have good posture when sitting or standing. Don’t behave in a loose manner or put hands onto the table.

Carry with You

Carry with you following items, while going for interview:

        • Neat and clean copies of your resume/ CV.
        • Original necessary documents and some sets of photo copies of the same.
        • Latest passport sized photographs.
        • References and letters of recommendations, wherever necessary.
        • White blank papers and good quality pen
  1. Interview Dress Code
  • Two piece business suit, charcoal grey and navy blue colours are recommended.
  • White and other light coloured shirts are best for your first interview. Hundred percent cotton works best for shirts and prefer long sleeved shirt only.
  • Traditional tie not fancy, colour should match suite/ shirt, silk tie gives best knot.
  •  Dark polished shoes, recommended: black lace-ups
  • Dark socks, recommended black is best, don’t wear White at all.
  • Get a haircut; short hair always fares best in interviews
  • No beards, if you have moustache make sure it is neat & trimmed
  • No rings other than wedding ring



    • Always wear a suit with a jacket;
    • long sleeved blouses no dresses
    • Shoes with small heels
    • Traditional hosiery at or near skin colour
    • No purses, small or large; carry a briefcase instead
    • If you wear nail polish (not required otherwise), use clear or a traditional colour
    • Minimal use of makeup which should not be too noticeable
    • No more than one ring on each hand
    • One set of earrings only

Closing the Interview

  • In the end of the interview, it is good to ask the interviewer when they will take final hiring decision or what will be the next step of the hiring process.
    It’s a smart idea to ask the interviewer for a business card to follow up for the results of the interview.
    Shake hands with the employer and again ensure them how your qualification and skills will match the job and you will do your best in this. If your interview was good enough you can ask to the interviewer “Is there anything else I can answer for you to make a hiring decision?”. In end, Thanks to the interviewer. Once you returned home, send a thanks email to the interviewers.