Last Minute Tips for AIEEE

Last Minute Tips for AIEEE : AIEEE is primarily a speed test. AIEEE hardly test your mental ability or conceptual understanding. Its a test of how quickly you can answer simple, straight forward questions. Remember that people, who top these tests, finish the entire test. But knowing this, if you now try to hurry up and try to attempt all questions (without making sure if the choice you entered was correct or not), then you might loose marks in negative marking. So try to be fast; give lots of model tests at home; see your score for yourself at the end of the test; observe your improvement.

  • Lots of questions in these papers are formula based. Make sure you remember all PCM formulae and have thorough knowledge of how and when to apply which.
  • Be quick and don’t go step by Step. Use tricks and tools to reach answer quickly.
  • Relax and be confident, whatever preparation you have done this far will definitely take your through if you use them correctly.
  • Brush up Topics which you are very confident about. For the ones which needs more preparation, you need to take tests based on those topics for quick revision.

Most Important is to attempt/try solving as many previous year papers as you can get a hold of. QUESTIONS IN THESE PAPERS ARE OFTEN REPEATED (if not the exact same question, then similar questions can definitely come). Why loose marks in questions which have already appeared in earlier tests?

AIEEE Previous Year And Sample Question Paper with Solution

Time Management:

This is the most crucial part of any Exam. To start always take up section which is your Strength (PCM) and do not spend lot of time on difficult questions. If you think you will get the answer quickly then proceed otherwise leave it for later. The Plan is to get Maximum Answers CORRECT.

1: AIEEE – Math

This section is to be allotted the maximum time out of the three sections. The 35 questions you have in this section must be attempted in not more than 70 minutes.

2. AIEEE – Physics

The 35 questions in this section should ideally be allotted 50 minutes.

3. AIEEE – Chemistry

This section must be done in 45 minutes.

If you follow this time frame in the actual exam, you will still be left with a comfortable cushion of 15 minutes.

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  1. GovindGovind04-18-2012

    What is the Examination pattern for this year for AIEEE Exam..

  2. MeghaMegha04-18-2012

    Hi Govind,
    For BE/B.Tech: In AIEEE you will have an objective type question paper with duration of 3 hours. The questions are being asked from Class XI and XII Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. All the 3 subjects has equal weightage. Each question has four options and students have to choose the right option among the available. There is negative marking of 1/4 marks for each wrong answer.

    B.Arch/B. Planning: The duration of this exam is 3 hours. The question paper distributed over three sections: Mathematics, Aptitude test and Drawing test. In this exam Mathematics and Aptitude test will have objective type of questions, however, drawing test will have questions to check the drawing abilities and aptitude of the aspirants. This test is designed to test the abilities, skills, creativity, awareness and observation of the candidates.

    Thank you

  3. dheerajdheeraj04-18-2012

    would u tell me how many colleges are under this examination?

  4. MeghaMegha04-18-2012

    Hi Dheeraj,
    There are so many colleges Click on the link given below you will get the full list of colleges which offer admission in B.Tech course on the basis of rank in AIEEE.

    Thank you

  5. nitinnitin04-18-2012

    Would you plzz tell me how to prepare my self for exam of math because its a difficult subject for me ………….

  6. MeghaMegha04-18-2012

    Hi Nitin,
    See this is a very crucial time as AIEEE exam is not so far, so at this point of time I would like to suggest you to do previous year papers, which will give you confidence, improve your speed and more over you will definitely find so many repeated questions or questions based on the same pattern. So, click on the link given below and start your practice from today only..

    All the best for bright future!!!
    Thank you.

  7. baldev singhbaldev singh04-18-2012

    Plz provide me with d merit scheme for aieee and marking scheme.

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