Upcoming Defense Exams 2012

The Indian Defense Forces have the reputation of being one of the finest in the world and is the primary military organization responsible for the territorial security and defense of India. The enormity of requirement and respect it carries has always attracted talented youths for applying to defense entrance exams.

For the benefits of students who want to appear in Defense exams in 2012  we have prepared a list of upcoming exams so that none misses important dates.

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 Exam Date  Result Date Counseling Date
 N.D.A. EXAM.(I), 2012  15.04.2012  –later-  –later–
C.D.S. EXAM.(II), 2012 16.09.2012 –later- –later–
N.D.A. EXAM.(II), 2012 19.08.2012 –later- –later–
CENTRAL POLICE FORCES (AC) EXAM.2012 11.11.2012 –later- –later–



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